Employment Issues and Regulations

From pensions auto-enrolment to statutory sick pay – key issues for employers

Employment law can be a minefield, especially for the small business owner. Here are some guides to the essentials...

Agency workers regulations

We consider the implications of the Agency Workers Regulations.

Annual leave

We consider their entitlement and some complications of annual leave, including payment, entitlement and sickness during leave.

Dismissal procedures

We consider the key areas that can be involved in employee dismissal, whether it is looking at statutory procedure, possible unfair dismissal claims or simply the right to dismiss an employee.

Getting the most out of staff appraisals

Make sure appraisals are effective and useful.

Identifying and preventing fraud

Minimise the risk of fraud to your business.

Legal working in the UK

Guidance to help you make sure that your business is complying with the law when it comes to employing staff to work in the UK.

Occupational pension schemes: trustees’ responsibilities

Employers can help promote retirement benefits for their employees in a number of ways including occupational schemes.

Pensions – automatic enrolment

If you employ staff, you’ll need to ensure you comply with the auto-enrolment regulations.

Recruiting the right staff

Make sure you have a structured process for recruitment.

Recruitment procedures – employment law

Our suggestions can help you take on better employees by improving your recruitment process and also avoid making mistakes.

Statutory sick, maternity and paternity pay

We look at an employer’s obligations to pay statutory payments and the processes involved.

The National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage

Ensure you are compliant with all the rates.

Your staff handbook

Key elements of a staff handbook.

Here is a guide to the main topics:


  • AGENCY WORKERS REGULATIONS                                                                                                             Download PDF
  • ANNUAL LEAVE                                                                                                                                                       Download PDF
  • DISMISSAL PROCEDURES                                                                                                                               Download PDF
  • GETTING THE MOST OUT OF STAFF APPRAISALS                                                                            Download PDF
  • IDENTIFYING AND PREVENTING FRAUD                                                                                                 Download PDF
  • LEGAL WORKING IN THE UK                                                                                                                             Download PDF                        
  • PENSIONS – AUTOMATIC ENROLMENT                                                                                                    Download PDF
  • RECRUITING THE RIGHT STAFF                                                                                                                   Download PDF
  • RECRUITMENT PROCEDURES – EMPLOYMENT LAW                                                                       Download PDF
  • STATUTORY SICK, MATERNITY AND PATERNITY PAY                                                                    Download PDF
  • THE NATIONAL LIVING WAGE AND THE NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE                                    Download PDF
  • YOUR STAFF HANDBOOK                                                                                                                                Download PDF

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